The Life and Times of Caroline Albanese

The official blog for Caroline Albanese, because the one on her website was ugly

 Checked out MoCCA Fest again this year and had an awesome time! It was great seeing some old friends as well as chatting some indie-creators. My favorite by far were the peeps behind the book The Cute Girl NetworkMK Reed, G. Means, and Joe Flood, from First Second Books. It’s a super cute GN and totally worth a read - check it out! Bigger this year due to the push from the Society of Illustrators, the show had a bunch of booths as well as an amazing gallery of comic strips featuring 1970s Dracula strips to New Yorker covers.  Also, there was a giant Charlie Brown balloon that threatened to crush everyone who attended.  

All and all it was another amazing year - for those who aren’t into the packed madness of the convention scene, MoCCA is always a great place to just go and meet artists and hang out with cool people and pick up some great books.